Widows across the continent are condemned and considered outcast leaving them dejected as a result of uncouth culture and traditions. They are mistreated, neglected and in some worst cases robbed off their property. These heinous acts have continued to push the widows further into extreme poverty and vulnerability.

The cruelty experienced by the widows pushed Manna Ministry International and its partners to start feeding and a shelter for the widow initiatives. The intertwined initiatives have restored hope into many widows across the region spurring them on to live fuller and free lives.


The transformative initiatives have seen widows receiving goodies such as beddings, shelter, tanks, solar lamps, bibles, blankets and cooking stoves among others. Over 300 widows in Kisumu and East Africa at large have benefitted from the initiatives so far.
We are committed to bestowing windows dignity enabling them to live fuller lives. We are also so grateful to our partners for the support they have continued to accord us in fulfilling our vision and mandate.

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