In Kenya, being a widow especially in rural areas is very traumatizing as many communities still practice uncouth customs that disregard widows’ property rights. Consequently, the widows are often mistreated, neglected and even ejected out from their matrimonial homes. Poverty becomes the norm of the day for the widows who are not even conversant with the law of inheritance. Nevertheless, the authority that is entrusted to defend the helpless widows turns their back on them as they collude with the family members to defraud the widows.

Three women from Seme area in Nyanza region that is synonymous with wife inheritance narrate their agony after the demise of their husbands and how All For His Glory – a charitable organization from the USA came to their rescue.

Constancia Atieno Okello’s Story

Constancia Atieno's

Pic.1: Constancia Atieno’s all smiles after receiving her blanket

Widowed, left with children to feed and no source of income; Constancia Atieno was faced with a myriad of challenges including sleeping on empty stomachs. Her name was synonymous with poverty. She could not afford the basic needs such as clothing, food and shelter.

Constancia had to do all sorts of menial jobs just to make ends meet. She couldn’t bear the pain of seeing her children go to sleep hungry, in tattered clothes and even not having a place to sleep.

Ministries International Coordinator and enlisted in All For His Glory Ministry programme. She got saved and today, Constancia is all smiles as she was among the beneficiaries of the blankets that were distributed recently by All For His Glory Ministry. Besides the monthly food donations and a house that was built for her. Her life has changed and today she is singing a new song.

Rosemary Juma Ombima’s Story

The tribulations of Rosemary started when her husband passed on leaving her to take care of their children. Her in-laws whom she thought would help her turned against her and threw her out of her matrimonial home. This added to her grief as the people who were very supportive when her husband was alive had become her fierce enemies.

Pic 2 A delighted Rosemary Juma pose with her blanket

Her land was possessed too by her in-laws and she couldn’t even fight for it due to lack of knowledge regarding widows’ property rights. Neglected by the people she trusted most, Rosemary had no other choice but to go back to her parents’ home.

With no land to till and plant her own crops, life has not been very easy to Rosemary. She was forced to do menial jobs to fend for her family.

With no land to till and plant her own crops, life has not been very easy to Rosemary. She was forced to do menial jobs to fend for her family.

Rosemary heard about All for His Glory Ministry and decided to attend one of their seminars in Kisumu. She narrated her story and after evaluation by the coordinators, she was enrolled for the All For His Glory Ministry programme. Since then, her life has never been the same again. Besides receiving other goodies from the programme, Rosemary was among the widows who received blankets donated recently by All For His Glory Ministry. Rosemary doesn’t fathom how life would have been without All For His Glory Ministry and Manna Ministry International.

Caroline Adhiambo Odhiambo’s Story

For Caroline, it was a double tragedy for losing her husband and being diagnosed with a deadly virus. Life has not been easy for her. With no source of income, a young family to fend for and the stigma, Caroline was neglected and abandoned with the people who were very close to her.

Pic 3 Caroline Adhiambo all smiles as she poses with her blanket

Being a breadwinner in her condition was not easy. She didn’t have anyone to turn to. Poverty was synonymous with her. She struggled each and every day just to make ends meet.

After being identified by Manna Ministries International Coordinator, Caroline was enlisted in the All For His Glory Ministry. Today, she is all smiles as her story has changed overnight. Just recently she received a blanket from the programme apart from the monthly food donation.

Manna Ministry International, a charitable non-denominational organization works with children and widows who have been neglected and disinherited due to oppressive cultural practices.

Through its partners such as All For His Glory Ministry, many lives have been restored and transformed, hope rekindled and dignity restored.



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